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Like many other drugs prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction, Levitra (Vardenafil ) is also a drug prescribed to be taken to treat erectile dysfunction (impotence) in men whose age is 18 years or older. The drug increases the body’s ability to achieve and maintain an erection when a person is stimulated to have sex.

It works by increasing the speed of flow of blood to particular parts of the body and relaxation of muscles found in the walls of vessels of blood.

How to take Levitra

Before you buy Levitra online, you should know that the prescribed form of medication of a drug is a tablet prescribed to be taken by mouth. It should be taken as per the person’s need about an hour before indulging in sexual intercourse. Some form of stimulation for having sex is needed for an erection to occur with the help of the drug. The drug should not be taken more than once a day.

Follow the instructions mentioned in the prescription given along with the prescribed dose of the drug very carefully, and consult your health expert to explain any part you do not understand. Take the drug exactly as prescribed. Do not take it increasingly more or increasingly less than prescribed or take it more often than prescribed by your health expert. Another thing you should know about the drug is that it can be taken with or without food.

Side Effects of Levitra

Before you take the final decision to buy Levitra online, you should know that the side effects of the drug can occur even if you take it as prescribed or by following the instructions mentioned in the prescription. Hence, side effects that may occur while taking this medication include:

  • headache
  • nausea/upset stomach
  • flushing (feeling of warmth)
  • watery eyes
  • stuffy or runny nose
  • lightheadedness
  • dizziness
  • blurred vision
  • light sensitivity

Contact your health expert immediately if you experience:

  • pounding in the ears
  • rash
  • wheezing
  • cold sweats
  • painful erection
  • A prolonged erection (longer than 4 hours)
  • changes in vision
  • difficulty swallowing or breathing
  • vomiting
  • hives
  • fainting
  • chest pain
  • itching or burning during urination

Missed dose of Levitra

In case you’re wondering that even if you buy Levitra online, there will be times when you’ll forget to take the drug just before indulging in sexual intercourse. The best way to avoid this situation is to take the next prescribed dose of the drug when it’s time for you to have sex and forget about the missed dose completely.

What precautions should I take before using Levitra for medicinal purpose?

As discussed above, Levitra is a medication that a human male uses for treating erectile dysfunction at the time of sexual intercourse. But before you buy Levitra online and start using it, there are some essential points that you need to keep it in mind as the drug can be harmful as well if missed.

Below are listed the precautions that you should take while using Levitra –

  • Take Levitra as per the doctor’s recommendation. Taking Levitra without a prescribed dose can be harmful to the system.
  • You are advised not to take Levitra if you are taking any other drug for chest pain or heart problems.
  • You should not be using Levitra if you are suffering from severe problems like – heart disease, liver or kidney disease, high or low blood pressure, stomach ulcer, hearing or vision problem, etc.
  • Levitra can also decrease the blood flow in the optic nerves of an eye. This may result in vision loss or blurred vision.
  • Women are not permitted to use this drug, as the drug is used for erectile dysfunction only in males.
  • Males who are above the age or near about the age of 50 should not be using this drug as it can cause severe health issues.
  • It is advised to consult a doctor if in case the erection lasts for more than four hours and is painful.
Dosage of Levitra –

Dosage of Levitra should always be taken as per the doctor’s recommendation. Do not take this drug if you are using other drugs as it can cause a serious decrease in the blood pressure.

When a doctor prescribes a dose of Levitra, it is important to know he must have prescribed it to you keeping in mind the health issues a person may have after taking this drug.

Therefore, before you buy Levitra online, you should get a proper prescription and take the drug according to that.

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