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Tramadol is the name by which the drug Ultram is popularly known among others and the drug is generally prescribed for the treatment of moderate to severe pain. If you’re planning to Buy Tramadol Online without taking the help of a prescription, you are sure to face hazardous consequences of the intake. The hazardous consequences can be termed as short-term or long-term depending on the duration for which they exist. Short-term effects of Tramadol include lack of pain, elated mood, anxiety reduction, and long-term effects include tolerance, physical dependence, cognitive decline. Therefore, we shall suggest that if you are in need of the drug, then you should buy it from an online pharmacy which is able to provide you with a prescription.

Drug overdose in case of Tramadol

If you’re ready to buy Tramadol, you must remember that most people buy the drug for reasons other than the reason for which it is prescribed. This may lead to the person wanting to take the drug over and over again and ends up taking larger doses of the drug, which increases the risk of drug overdose. Therefore, you must know about some of the symptoms of drug overdose in case of Tramadol:-

  • Decreased pupil size
  • Breathing becomes slow
  • Heartbeat starts and stops in between or becomes slow
  • Skin becomes cold and slightly wet
  • Seizure

In case you are inquisitive to know how to take the drug and how to avoid the situation of a drug overdose in case of Tramadol, make sure that you buy the drug from an online pharmacy which will provide you with a prescription.

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