Codeine is a generic drug that falls under the category of drugs called opioid. Sometimes, people also name this as narcotic medication. Codeine is mainly used for managing pain that can be severe or mild at times. People can also use Codeine for treatment not listed in this medication guide. However, when you take a drug, it is mandatory to get consulted by a health expert firstly. People can also buy Codeine online from a site that is selling it at lower prices.

From where can I buy Codeine online?

Purchasing a drug online can be feasible if done in the right way. You should know that while you buy Codeine online, there are sellers who also deal with fake quality products. It's not the case only in the online market; patients who buy drug offline should be aware of these so-called quality goods.

People should keep a check on these websites and purchase the drug only when they are satisfied by the terms of use, and the outlook of the site seems genuine. It would be better if you look for FDA authorized websites and online pharmacies and purchase the drug from there itself.

Buying Codeine online will be more pronounced as compared to purchasing it from a drug store. While buying products online, the prices are less, and also there is no inconvenience in getting the drugs delivered at your doorstep.

What are the side effects of Codeine?

A person taking Codeine or is about to take it should know that the drug can be harmful if not taken as per the terms provided to him/her by the health expert. Staying cautious before you buy Codeine online or starting with the use of it will help the patient in numerous ways. Your health will not be affected once you have read all the terms of use and then using the drug.

People often take Codeine without considering it with a health expert. It may result in certain side effects that can be injurious to the health. Sometimes, the bad effect of a drug is so much that it starts degrading the health of a person. Hence, you need to be sure before using the drug so that it won’t affect your physical or mental condition.

Certain side effects that may occur after using Codeine for the treatment of pain are –

  •     Vomiting
  •     Nausea
  •     Constipation
  •     Sweating
  •     Itchiness
  •     Mild itchiness
  •     Feeling dizzy
  •     Stomach pain
  •     Shallow breathing
  •     Noisy breathing
  •     Hallucination
  •     Sudden change in behavior

One should be aware of these side effects and take necessary precautionary measures before taking the drug. If in case, it seems that the side effects are getting worse, report it immediately with the doctor. In some cases, even if you are taking the dose of the drug as per the guidelines are given in the prescription, the side effects occur that can be way too dangerous to your health and condition.