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Codeine 15mg

(34 customer reviews)


Codeine is an opioid pain medication. An opioid is sometimes called a narcotic. Codeine is used to treat mild to moderately severe pain.

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What is codeine?

The drug Codeine is an opioid prescribed to treat a person’s pain and also to suppress cough. Sometimes an Opioid called Narcotic. If people buy Codeine online, it can not only prescribed for pain relief but also as a kind of sedative. It happens when a person takes in a quantity larger than the prescription of Codeine 15mg.

Why is Codeine Prescribed?

Codeine 15mg is usually prescribed to treat moderate to severe pain. It also takes, in combination with other medications, to suppress cough. However, even if Codeine is a prescription drug and you buy Codeine online, the drug will only help relieve symptoms but will not treat the cause of symptoms or speed recovery. It takes for the treatment of pain, it changes the way the brain and nervous system respond to pain. When the drug takes to suppress cough, it decreases the activity in the part of the brain that causes coughing.

How should Codeine 15mg be taken?

The drug Codeine 15mg comes in different forms of medication like a tablet, a capsule, and a liquid. Should take it by mouth. The drug should be taken every 4 to 6 hours as per the need of the pain. Consult a health expert before starting to take the drug and to know whether you should buy the drug or not. If you have taken the drug for a long time, do not stop taking the medication without consulting your health expert. The health expert may suggest you to slowly decrease the amount of intake of the drug and then stop it altogether.

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34 reviews for Codeine 15mg

  1. Hector Thorne

    Affordable medicines that you can get delivered anywhere which is the best part of this pharmacy. My experience with them has been awesome! Thanks for the timely service.

  2. Jennifer

    This is the best medicine store available online.

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    Customer support and delivery updates were very good.

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  5. Craig G. Dean

    The drug is phenomenal. It is the best cough relief medicine.

  6. James D. Krauss

    The website is secure. I never faced any trouble in purchasing.

  7. Marjorie J. Carr

    This is the best medicine to calm my severe cough drug. I bought it at an affordable price from Wayrightmeds.

  8. Regina L. Williams

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  9. Marguerite P. Engel

    Effectual drug to procure coughs. The site offers this drug at a lower rate than local pharmacies.

  10. Anthony F. Clark

    The site offers this drug in multiple doses from 15 to 60mgs. Anyone can choose it accordingly.

  11. Willie A. Smith

    I’ve used Codeine for a couple of days. It is reliable medicine for relieving cough.

  12. Frank A. Lozano

    I have been suffering from dry cough for the past week. My friend has suggested that I buy Codeine from this site because they offer legit drugs at a significant price.

  13. Johnny T. Campbell

    This medication works reasonably effectively. Wayrightmeds has delivered my medicine before the delivery day.

  14. Harvey D. Tenorio

    I have a problem in sleeping because of a cough. I consumed this drug for three to four days and got a breakthrough from my coughing problem.

  15. Fred V. Collins

    I didn’t face any reaction to consuming this drug. The Codeine seems to hold the cough better than others I have tried.

  16. Frances G. Gray

    The site has listed all the medications with a detailed product description which helps in the convenience of purchase.

  17. Lauren E. Harris

    Codeine has effectively relieved my cough since I started taking it. Thank You! Wayrightmeds for delivering it quickly.

  18. Richard B. Rodriguez

    I found everywhere this drug was out of stock. But this site has an ample amount of Codeine drugs at a fair price.

  19. Brian N. Meaney

    I have taken several pills of this drug and found a good result in relieving my cough.

  20. Jonas Mollar

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  21. Else Frederiksen

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  24. Jakob Heilmann

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  25. Emilie Lange

    I was unable to get Codeine medicine in local pharmacies. I placed my order on Warightmeds, and they delivered me overnight.

  26. Rasmus Lyberth

    My doctor prescribed me this medicine. It is easy to consume and suppress the cough significantly.

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    I could not make a Bitcoin payment, but the support team was accommodating. They helped me to make the payment.

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