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Percocet 10/325mg

(32 customer reviews)


Percocet is used in the treatment of chronic pain; pain and belongs to the drug class narcotic analgesic combinations.

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What is the use of Percocet 10mg?

Percocet is a medication that is combined of two other drugs like – acetaminophen and Oxycodone. Percocet 10mg is used in order to manage the pain that can be occurring in a human body. The pain can be mild or severe, depending on the person’s condition. The dose that should be given to patients can vary depending on the pain that is persisting in the body. 

Oxycodone is regarded as an opioid, which is a pain medication that is used to get relief from pain. People also term an opioid as a narcotic drug. On the other hand, acetaminophen is less strong and is combined to increase the effect of Oxycodone on the human system.

Percocet 10mg is prescribed to patients only when a non-opioid drug is not tolerated and cannot provide adequate relief to the pain. Percocet 10mg is the minimum dose that can be prescribed to a patient suffering from acute or mild pain. You can buy Percocet 10mg from websites that are selling it at cheaper rates.

What are the side effects of Percocet?

The side effects of Percocet can be detected at the very start of the drug intake. This drug can show harmful side effects if not taken as per the doctor’s prescription. A prescription is necessary as it provides the details of the drug and its dose. Percocet can slow down your breathing, resulting in severe problems. It may also incur long pauses, blue colored lips, or so. Under such conditions, you are advised to seek medical help as soon as possible. Delay in time may also cause fatal side effects. 

Here are some of the common side effects of Percocet

  •   Dizziness
  •   Feeling tired
  •   Mood swings or change in behavior
  •   Constipation
  •   Mild headache
  •   Vomiting
  •   Nausea
  •   Stomach pain

These were the aftereffects that can occur in any patient. It depends upon the tolerance of the patient’s internal system for the drug, after which the side effects occur. 

What precautions are necessary while using Percocet 10mg?

Following precautions are necessary while taking Percocet 10mg –

  • Take the dose of Percocet 10mg as prescribed by the doctor. Follow the instructions that are given on the prescription label. 
  • Do not take Percocet in large quantity or for a longer period of time. It would create an addiction over your mind if you kept on taking the drug for a longer time. 
  • An overdose of Percocet can even damage the liver and in some cases, even death. 
  • You are advised not to share this drug with any other person.  
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32 reviews for Percocet 10/325mg

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